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Caylyn's Room

Caylyn's Room

Welcome to Caylyn’s Room Makeover!! This 8 year old suffers from Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome but it doesn’t interfere with her charming personality. Caylyn is a huge book worm. She also loves to color, write stories, and LOVES “My Little Pony”! Her favorite colors are dark pink and purple. When Caylyn isn’t feeling well, she likes to read and play on her tablet with her warm pack.

When we first met Caylyn, she showed off her collection of “My Little Pony” toys, and told us each of their names. She was very informative and gave us the go-ahead to make her room into a Little Pony paradise. Jared worked very hard on making this room a magical and healing space for Caylyn.

This makeover wouldn’t be possible without the overwhelming and generous support from our community. Thanks to Jared Fiske for managing this amazing project! Many special thanks go out to Target of Vestal, Best Buy of Vestal, Olum’s of Vestal, The UPS Store- Vestal, Janis Drennen Paz (Young Living), Found in Ithaca, Molly Becker, Patricia & Heather Hauer-Ross, Brandon & Debbie Potter, Eric Herceg, Dustin Hawkins, Amy Tate, Dina & Bob Hartung, Kristina Kiehle & Family, Casey Felgar, Janet Sullivan, Judi Healander, Renee & Dale Fiske, and Jim Baker.

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